Our Team

Farley Ressler

President - Operations Manager

Farley Is our Operations Manager & President

Described by his peers as a focused, goal-oriented, innovator,  Farley Ressler approaches every task with  an entrepreneurial mindset and  problem-solving skills.  For over two decades, Farley has built upon his professional experience by embracing leadership roles in the fields of Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Investing. 

"Within two years of starting Empire Federal Mortgage Corp., we became  one of the largest private Residential Lending companies in New Jersey, employing over 150 people and closing over 200 mortgage loans a month."

 Farley also formed and managed a separate commercial lending division that closed over 100 million dollars in business loans.

Farley has cultivated an affinity business network throughout New Jersey and as such, his expertise has been called upon by many attorneys as an expert witness in litigation cases involving lending practices.

Overall, Farley is a dedicated professional who is interested in the fields of real estate, modern renovations, architectural design, home decor
and most importantly, providing an enjoyable experience for clients. From his many years of experience, Farley has come to value the importance of maintaining an honest and integral client/provider relationship. Farley not only enjoys working alongside people who have the same focus and desire to
build strong, one of a kind relationships, but he also understands the importance of building trust with each partner and client he comes across.

Kenneth Bieber

Project Manager

Ken is our Construction Project Manager

Throughout his 50 years of experience as a certified IBEW electrician, project manager, safety supervisor, course developer, and instructor, Kenneth Bieber has had the opportunity to learn and master every aspect of electric work that makes him successful at what he does. Some of the noteworthy companies with
which Kenneth has worked closely include, Chase Bank, NJ Transit, Unity Electric, and Beach Electric. You may recognize Kenneth’s work on projects such
as the George Washington Bridge Toll Plaza and Giants Stadium.

 After years of being in the field, Kenneth is developing and instructing courses aimed at preparing young electricians with the skills needed to safely and effectively complete each and every job no matter the level of difficulty. Using these classes, he has taught over 1,000 young apprentices and foremen various industry standards along with valuable lessons
learned throughout his  years of experience. Today, Kenneth has created and currently instructs four different courses. He has been invited to travel to the University of Michigan to teach his course material to other instructors.

Kenneth’s area of experience includes, but is not limited to blueprint reading, installing healthcare systems, fire alarm systems, lightning protection systems, rigging and hoisting, security systems, installing lighting systems, and completing accurate estimations. Additionally, as a project manager, Kenneth has experience managing teams, evaluating employees' progress, training new employees, organizing and planning construction projects, and making sure code standards are met.
Outside of his professional life, Kenneth remains motivated and disciplined, as a 5 - time New York City Marathon runner, Kenneth understands the value of hard work and commitment. Kenneth also enjoys staying active by skiing and hiking.

Jesse Johnstone


ADVISOR -Jesse Johnstone

Jesse Johnstone began his own company, Johnstone Developments Corporation. With 5 Master Craftsmanship certifications. Along with Jesse’s
extensive knowledge and study of architecture and engineering, Jesse has personally overseen and supervised the building of hundreds of projects, both residential and commercial.

 For years, consumers have trusted Jesse with their vision, time, and resources. Some of his most notable projects include the River Palm Terrace, Michael Angelo Restaurant, Pendacosal Church in Dover, and hundreds of other residential and commercial properties. His work has been featured in several magazines such as Luxe Magazine and House Beautiful Magazine.

Jesse has cultivated a reputation as an expert in his field. In fact, on one recent project Jesse renovated seven houses all of which were sold by walk through and word of mouth, months prior to their completion. As such, it is clear to see Jesse prioritizes delivering the highest quality of service to his clients and ensuring their visions become a reality. Jesse has created a consistent and great track record of providing high quality service, and great customer relationships to all of his clients.

Dave Frendel

Appraisal Value Consultant

ADVISOR  - Dave Frendel 

With over 32 years of experience as both the owner and operator of 1st Appraisal Source, DaveFrendel is an industry expert in the appraisal of all commercial, residential and industrial properties. As a certified general appraiser in New York and NewJersey, Dave has personally  trained and developed over 40 apprentice appraisers within his own company. In doing so, he has cultivated top talent within the industry to provide the best servicepossible to his clients. Additionally, Dave possesses expert knowledge in 18MLS sites and 15 national web sites that he implements to procure and verifydata in multi-state assignments and review work.

For years, mortgage lenders, consumers, and other real estate professionals have called upon his expertise to provide high-quality appraisalsfor a variety of purposes. Dave also has appeared in court as an expert witness for various litigation assignments. These assignments include tax appeals,matrimonial, estate, eminent domain, and partnership settlements. Additionally, he has a working background in accounting and finance, as he graduated from theUniversity of New Hampshire with a double major in both respective fields.

By continuously updating his knowledge of real estate trends and continuing to improve upon his valuation techniques through accredited courses, Dave has been able to consistently produce reliable appraisal valuations for all clients that come his way.

Furthermore, Dave has validated the needs of various clients, as he has created an excellent track record of stellar customer service and communication. He makes it his mission to continue his work as a trustedconsultant and provide unbiased appraisal perspectives with the utmost accuracyand reliability. When Dave is not providing his clients with appraisals, or managing his own business, he can be found skiing on the slopes of KillingtonMountain in Vermont.

BuilderPartner LLC. is an online platform to help investors, builders, and developers work together on real estate construction projects. Investors using our platform can easily participate in profitable, local, short term construction projects.  

Working with equity partners helps to us  build the team for future projects and  reduces  debt financing expense. It also takes the lender out of the property purchase process which oftentimes causes additional delays, missed opportunities, and unnecessary expenses.

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